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No unplanned defense expert costs

At NWME, we understand the demands of the medico-legal industry.  Stipulated exams are table stakes for many of today’s requests; however, while most CR35 based Stipulations are standard, some want to include requests for financial disclosures, historical reports, and other unreasonable demands.  This should not be a reason why an expert backs out of a case.
Our experts are willing to accommodate reasonable demands and will agree to release financial information upon entry of a Protective Order.  Those terms can be incorporated into a stipulation or addressed later in response to a Subpoena Duces Tecum.

If these terms are not incorporated into a stipulation, upon being subpoenaed for financial disclosures, eligible consultants are offered an attorney by NWME to represent the expert and seek a stipulated protective order with opposing counsel. Counsel for the expert will timely submit any necessary objections and work with opposing party to reach an agreement for entry of a Protective Order for financial disclosures. 

Since 2008, NWME has supported 1000’s of cases and we have the expertise and competence to best support your case needs with our qualified experts.  From the point of flushing out stipulated compliance challenges to defending against an aggressive Subpoena Duces Tecum, NWME is your full-service IME provider. 


With NWME on your team, the likelihood of being caught with unplanned defense expert costs is greatly reduced. 

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