Don't Prep the records... We do that!

Each expert’s review process is improved and billable time is reduced by up to 15% on each case.

Every expert has unique file organization preferences. Including Bookmarks inside the prepared PDF.

  • Highlight Dates of Service

  • Manage Duplicates

  • Hand Sorted

  • Hospital Stays (Imaging, Surgery and Progress Notes)

  • Administration Records (Fax Cover Letters, HIPAA Release, and Consent Forms)

  • Transportation Records (Ambulance and Fire Department)

  • Admitting History and Physical Exams

  • Emergency Department Records

  • Operative Reports

  • Legal Pleadings

  • Diagnostic Imaging

  • Discharge Summary

  • Provider Consultation and Progress Notes

  • Physical Therapy Notes

  • Lab Results 

  • Misc Testing Results

  • Doctor's Orders

  • Anesthesia and Recovery Notes

  • Provider Notes (Respiratory, Dietitians, and Social Work)

  • Flow Sheets

  • Accident Reports

  • Color Pictures

  • Physical Damage Reports

  • Department of Labor Records

  • Billing Information

You can easily see how an optimized file reduces the expert’s time by utilizing PDF bookmarks, working with OCR’d records, and efficiently reviewing sequential records to discern information. 

Your average expert's hourly rate is in the range of $500 - $850 an hour. 15% adds up quickly.

Save your time and reduce costs by using an NWME Forensic Medical Expert.


You receive an electronic copy of the optimized file reviewed by the expert at the conclusion of our services.  This is a great resource and tool for future phone conferences and trial prep with the expert.