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As the Operations Director of NWME, I have seen some fantastic saves. Being a former litigation paralegal and a client of IME vendors, I know very well that medico-legal evaluations require specific handling. With 20+ years’ experience as a litigation paralegal in Idaho, Washington, and Ohio, combined with my 12+ years’ experience as NWME’s Operations Director, I have come across a variety of fact patterns and situations.
NWME specializes in facilitating medico-legal evaluations, and we have been supporting attorneys and casualty adjusters in the Pacific Northwest since we opened our doors back in February 2008. By managing over 12,000 medico-legal requests, NWME has developed proprietary processes and have in place performance standards to give our clients an exceptional customer service and litigation support experience.

Susan Poulsen
Susan Poulsen
Operations Director
Litigation Paralegal

866.276.0505 x1212

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