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Northwest Medical Expert Inc. is the premier provider of forensic medical evaluations for PNW Law Firms, Governmental Agencies, and Insurance Companies. Since 2008, we have facilitated over 12,000 legal cases across 65 medical specialties in 5 states.

Our clients expect outside the box thinking and unconventional solutions for their litigated cases and legal challenges. We seek forensic medical experts to positively impact active litigation and investigations and commit to participating in the legal industry.​ 


The desired forensic medical expert is qualified in their specialty, maintains an impeccable reputation, and has a willingness to work with the client to case resolution. Our clients often require continued support after the report or verbal opinion is generated, such as reviewing supplemental records and providing an Addendum report, being accessible to the client for a phone conference to discuss the merits of the case, or being available to testify at depositions or court.

 As a forensic medical consultant with NWME, you will receive full support from our skilled staff members to ensure your needs are met in scheduling. The records are prepared efficiently, the report is of the highest quality, and you are promptly paid for your services. 

Join our team, and your profile and CV will be available to our clients, along with being in the candidate pool for case-specific expert requests. You are a candidate for only the case requests that align with your expertise, availability, and geographical profile. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose and accept cases that interest you.

Contact me to get started!

Susan Poulsen

Operations Director - Litigation Paralegal


866.276.0505 x1212

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