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Independent Medical Examinations


An independent medical examination (IME) occurs when a forensic medical expert, who has not previously been involved in a patient's care, examines the patient.  An IME is requested when there are questions surrounding causation,  impairment, and/or the appropriateness of care.


An IME consists of a comprehensive review of the file provided, a physical examination, and generation of a written report or a verbal opinion to discuss findings. As a free ancillary service, NWME will coordinate phone conferences, addendums and subsequent deposition or court testimony when necessary.


NWME has extensive experience in paneling up to 4 experts for multi-specialty examinations.

Medical Records Reviews


A Medical Record Review (RR) is utilized to assist in evaluating cases without having a physical examination. The focus of a RR is to assess causation, impairment, and/or the appropriateness of care. Dependent on the facts of the case, RR's can be a valuable cost saving service in lieu of scheduling an independent medical examination.

Northwest Medical Experts will facilitate the RR with the appropriate forensic medical expert based on the client's directive. A RR consists of a comprehensive review of the file provided, and generation of a written report or verbal opinion to discuss findings before the report is generated. As a free ancillary service, NWME will coordinate phone conferences, addendums and subsequent deposition or court testimony when necessary.

Medical Chronologies


When you want to know the important facts contained in the medical records without having to decipher each and every document, the format of NWME Medical Chronologies are right on target. 


NWME Chronologies capture user defined data from each relevant medical record provided. The "who", "what", "when", and "where" is summarized and presented in Word format, with an accompanying PDF with instant reference and hyperlinks to the actual source document. 

Medical Bill Reviews
NWME can provide targeted Medical Bill Reviews to help identify and document excessive or fraudulent provider billing. Our qualified reviewers use their experience and widely accepted resources in analyzing specific billing statements to evaluate the cost of treatment rendered.  






NWME is founded on the premise that forensic medical consultants are core to our business success. We strive to build a unique partnership not only with our clients, but with our consultants too as attorneys and casualty adjusters want to invest in more than just a paper report. 


Our clients expect forensic medical consultants that are qualified in their specialty, maintain an impeccable reputation, and have a willingness to work with the client all the way through to the conclusion of the case. As a forensic medical consultant with NWME, you will receive support from our skilled staff members to make sure your needs are met in scheduling, that records are prepared efficiently, and that your report is of the highest quality.


Our investment in your success is visible in our Subpoena Protection Program.  

We assist by offering legal counsel to represent you and defend you against Subpoenas.


Northwest Medical Experts' promise is to bridge the gap between forensic experts and the legal and insurance communities. We do this through superior customer service, integrity, experience, and a high level of trust.









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